Do you hate walking around shopping centres aimlessly? Do you struggle with knowing what goes with what? Are you ready for a change?

This package is for you.

Description of Services


A style consultation combined with a personal styling shop

During the consultation we will determine exactly what it is you are after, your likes and dislikes when it comes to clothing, your budget for the shop, and how we can achieve the best possible outcome for you. You will also discover which style categories most relate to you. A day, time and location will then be booked for the shopping day.

The personal styling shop begins with your stylist conducting a pre-shop prior to meeting up with you. This allows for a seamless shopping experience. No wandering around the stores for hours trying to find things you might like. You will have looks pulled for you based on your requirements and enjoy learning how to put them all together and seeing how you can wear them in multiple ways. You will be in and out with minimal stress and feeling a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. 

DURATION:    4 hours*


*The style consultation is done prior to the shopping day