Description of Services


A style consultation, wardrobe make-over, personal styling shop, wardrobe integration and look book.

A Style Mesh stylist will meet you at your home to conduct the style consultation. Once there, you will get to know one another as you discuss your thoughts on style, your likes and dislikes when it comes to your current wardrobefashion and shopping, delve into how you would like to present yourself every day and what your outcomes are. The session ends with a fun exercise in which you find out what your style categories are.

Following the style consultation we will enter the den of happiness/sadness/anxiety or all three to some people...the wardrobe.

A wardrobe make-over is where we go through your existing pieces to see which ones fit your desired outcomes and which do not. It is not where we throw out everything in your wardrobe. It's a process of seeing if each item represents how you want to be presented. If it is, you will keep it. If it isn't, you can donate it. If it is in great condition but you will never wear it, you can sell it. If it has more holes than a sieve, we will cremate it. It is a learning process in which we can identify the key pieces missing to help you achieve your outcomes and also help you to shop your remaining wardrobe for new looks. At the end of this session a booking will be made for your preferred shopping location, date and time. This is recommended to book for a few days later to allow for research time.

Shopping day! Having identified the key pieces required during the style consultation, your stylist will do a pre-shop prior to meeting up. Then begins the best shopping experience of your life. All the items will be ready for you to try on. Your eyes will be opened to fashion you would not have chosen for yourself and you will learn why a piece does or doesn't work for you. By the end of this session you will be buzzing, happy, relieved but most importantly you will be equipped with the knowledge you need to shop with confidence in your future.

The wardrobe integration (or more simply put “Adult Dress-ups”) is up next. This is where we have fun mixing and matching your newly purchased items with your existing clothing and create great new looks for you. These looks will be photographed and compiled into your very own Look Book. A great way to not only remember your amazing experience but a reference book on how to wear all your new pieces.

DURATION:    9 hours*

INVESTMENT:    $1197

*This package is done over multiple days. The wardrobe make-over is based on the current season and size of the wardrobe.