I’ve always loved fashion and found it difficult and challenging when it came to creating outfits. When it came to clothes shopping I would panic and grab anything that I thought would look good or fit, therefore compromising my confidence, hence, why my wardrobe contents consisted of many items of clothing with their tags still attached.  My other issue was the inconvenience of dressing room fittings.  Having to wear the Hijab it meant I had to remove a number of layers which always seemed to feel like a burden!! I needed that clarity and that’s when I contacted Hollie.   Hollies aura, love and clean cut style in fashion is what made me make the move for a much needed styling session.  I was travelling overseas at that time and felt I needed some clarity on what outfits to put together and what new pieces need to be added to my wardrobe and suitcase.

With both of us living in different states the consultation was conducted over the phone, and via email. Hollie was very engaging and supportive from the word go and immediately I felt relaxed.   I did the style consultation over the phone; which I found real eye opening. It made me aware of certain ingrained habits I had with the way I shopped, where I shopped and what I was buying.

I sent all photos of all current clothes including accessories, bags and shoes I had in the wardrobe via email, Hollie was amazing as she worked on putting outfits together from existing items, adding new accessories, shoes, hijabs, and handbags to the mix. It was so much fun, as old habits slowly peeled away, welcoming a new take on style.  I was so thrilled about my new “look book” Hollie had created. 

I’d never been so excited to pack for an overseas trip. It felt like a weight lifting off my shoulders.   

As the weeks past, it felt like shedding old skin and emerging as a whole new person, virtually, a cleanse from the inside out and it seemed only natural to tackle and eliminate my forever nail biting habit.  Strangely enough it wasn’t as hard as expected. I had new hands and it felt amazing!! 

The consultation has etched an unwavering confidence from the inside out where I feel open and less insecure & look and feel better about myself. A life changing experience that I will confidently implement in my life.  I’m not afraid now to step out of my comfort zone and shop at different stores and try different styles. Shopping is so much more fun now. I was receiving beautiful comments from family and friends.

I wish I had considered it earlier.  Don’t wait, if you’re looking for a change start here. Thank so much Hollie for helping me understand and establish a set ground for what to look for when it comes to creating certain style, it’s not just about clothes but about an inner self-transformation.  I know you will go far, you are a gifted and great person and your talent attests to positive and life changing feedback.