Shopping Day
Shopping Day

Trying on items during the shopping session at 13 weeks pregnant

Shopping Day
Shopping Day



Like many of us, I would stand in front of my wardrobe for 20 minutes every morning complaining I had nothing to wear!

Not only could I not see what I owned, because it was so overcrowded, but I just didn't know what to wear with what!

My other conundrum was a rapidly growing pregnant belly, in which I didn't want to break the bank with a whole new set of maternity clothes that I would only wear for a few months.

Hollie brought a breath of fresh air to my wardrobe and completely cleaned it out of items that were old, out of date and didn't suit my body type and complexion, She also educated me on styles to suit my body and my best features, which I'll continue to use in the future. And now with plenty of room in the wardrobe for my new clothes, we hit the shops.

When shopping with Hollie, I felt like a rockstar. She had already preselected outfits for me to try on, that were ready and waiting. She also collected new items as we discussed my tastes. I never want to shop without my stylist again!

I purchased a few essential maternity clothes, but mostly we focused on items (casual and work) I could wear throughout my pregnancy and continue to wear post-baby. The shopping excursion certainly didn't break the bank and my new clothes could all be styled with existing pieces from my wardrobe.

Hollie then showed me how to piece together outfits, from head to toe, including accessories.

She also showed me how to incorporate some of my work clothes into smart casual outfits, therefor getting multi-use out of many items.

Many of my friends have felt frumpish and awful with a big pregnant belly and have avoided buying maternity clothes. But Hollie showed me, with just a few essentials, how to assemble fashionable outfits. And I felt fantastic and comfortable, and so stylish throughout my whole pregnancy.

I'm now spoilt for choice in the morning and with what outfit to wear. 

I feel confidant and fantastic in my new clothes and now have the knowledge on what suits me best.

But most of all, the whole experience was really fun and rewarding.

Thanks Hollie xx