Hollie came to my house and we hit it off, she was so uplifting and fantastic to be around, she asked me a few questions on what I would like to gain from this experience and what style I would like to achieve. I wanted to feel confident to wear brighter clothes, chuck on a pair of heels and rock my height and take pride in my appearance.

Step 1. Reviewing my wardrobe, this was very confronting. I had the brands, Country Road, Witchery, Rodeo Show, Marcs, Saba, the only problem I had with my wardrobe was that it didn't fit me. I had a tendency of buying clothes too big for myself. As Hollie said, ‘we don’t need to wear any more balloon clothes’. I donated 3 bags of clothes to the Salvation Army and posted 30 items of clothing on eBay. Hollie left me with the staple items to get me through the working week. The clean out was much needed and it was a cleansing experience, I highly recommend it.

Step 2. Hollie and I organised a shopping date over at Highpoint, I was lucky enough to have a budget of $1000. Our planned schedule was to shop for 3 hours, 5 hours later I had my staple wardrobe items I desperately needed. Hollie opened my eyes to other stores like, David Jones, Zara, Portmans, Forever New, Zu shoe store and my favourite Marcs was still on the list. During this shopping experience Hollie showed me the light, she pointed out that I have a waist and should show it off, I have great legs to be proud of and an overall outstanding figure (a week earlier I didn't see this in myself).

Hollie’s best advice for the day was to make sure I choose the clothes that fit my body shape, not to look at the size on the rack. Some stores I was a size 10 others I was a 12-14, the goal for the day was to make sure I was comfortable in what I was wearing and not worry about the number. This shopping experience was the best day I have ever had shopping, Hollie did all of the pre work before I met her that day, pulling items off the racks and having them available as soon as I walked in the store, it was VIP treatment. It was lovely to feel special and find my smile again. I was a happy lady by the end of the day, I couldn't wait to head out for dinner that night with my girlfriends and show off the new me.

Step 3: Now that I have my new wardrobe Hollie needed to make sure that I was comfortable and happy with my purchases and showed me a million and one ways to style my new clothes with the old. Having Hollie’s styling knowledge and expertise helped me realise that I don’t have to wear a certain top with a certain pair of pants. I can mix it up, chuck on a jacket, wear a skirt and don’t be afraid to wear heels if I'm having brunch with the girls.

This working week I have had beautiful comments from my husband and work colleagues, I can now wear my smile with confidence, show off my waist, wear my heels and hold my head up high. I'm now excited for my next pay day to complete my wardrobe with the items we missed out on, I'm not afraid now to try new stores and new styles. Thank you Hollie for making me feel beautiful and teaching me to have fun when shopping.