Style Mesh was born in 2015 to Hollie Angelovski...a fashion loving, magazine obsessed, mother of three, who asked herself one day "What do I really want to do with my life?" 

When pondering this huge question that would decide her future, Hollie delved deep into her memory bank to search for clues. She was suffering from seven years of "baby brain" and it was hard to recall much pre-children.

There were pivotal life moments, such as receiving a box stuffed full of Dolly magazines from a family friend. This was the beginning of Hollie's love of all things fashion and design. And let's not forget to thank Dolly Doctor for getting us all through puberty too!

There was also the time Hollie and her best friend Carly decided to sell home-made sports shorts as a part of their Business Studies class.  The orders exceeded expectations and the capabilities of Hollie's vintage Singer sewing machine. You knew when people were wearing their shorts - you could hear them before you saw them. The high school became a walking noise factory of parachute fabric rubbed between legs.

The most common denominator though, was the joy Hollie experienced when friends and family would ask a fashion related question and she had the answer another 15 alternatives.


A career in fashion styling was calling her name!


Hollie enrolled at the Australian Style Institute and completed both the certificate and advanced training courses, While all fashion styling pathways were taught, it was Personal Styling that spoke to Hollie most.  

Hollie shares her love and knowledge of all things fashion and styling to anyone eager to learn and ready to invest in themselves. This is always done in a respectful, honest, professional manner with a side serve of humour and always a smidge of sarcasm.