This experience with Hollie was more than just about the clothing in my wardrobe or about going shopping. My bad wardrobe was just the face of my insecurities and low self-esteem. Every time I had a social event, I would stress trying to choose an outfit and try on every piece of clothing I owned to only cover myself with a black cardigan or jacket. All my life, I have felt like the biggest girl in the world and never felt comfortable or like myself.

Hollie came to my house to assess my clothes that was supposed to take around 3 hours but it spanned over two days! On the first day, I felt so overwhelmed and embarrassed because it dawned on me that I was in a vicious cycle of buying clothes that were the wrong size or just really bad quality. I had clothes that were too big and too small thinking I will lose weight and fit into them eventually. I had heaps of clothes I bought years ago that still had tags on them! I was in denial how much I needed Hollie’s help. Straight away Hollie began advising me what styles of tops and pants would suit my body shape. She knew what she was talking about. She was honest, professional and fun!

On shopping day, I was so scared and nervous. I didn’t think anything would fit me but Hollie proved me wrong.

Hollie is my stylist genie! She granted me my three wishes.

My first wish was to feel confident. Hollie has changed the way I perceive myself and changed the way I look at my life. Due to my new awesome wardrobe, I look great and feel better about myself. I am now more open in myself at social gatherings instead of being insecure.

Secondly, to wear singlet tops. I have never in my life worn singlets and most of the tops we bought are singlets and I can’t wait to wear them, without a cardigan.

Thirdly, to have a jumpsuit! I have always wanted to wear one but thought I was too big for it. Hollie chose one for me. As she has brilliant taste and eye for great items I immediately loved it! So bought it and now own it!

I would like to thank Hollie from the bottom of my heart. My transformation proves you really have a gift and is truly a special person.

You have given me confidence, happiness and have neatly folded away my insecurities for good. Thank you for making me a better role model for my kids and showing me my potential. I know you will go far and enhance many more lives the way you have mine.

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